Favorite Thrift Find!
Friday, November 30, 2012

There are lots of fun thrift stores in the small Georgia towns where I work doing home health care. I can barely drive past without stopping and looking for a treasure or two.  I rarely even buy anything, but I like the hunt!

This is my most recent favorite score:  Found this vintage (okay it's actually dated 1988 but it feels vintage) bird print in a rustic frame for my mantle at Christmas time.  Love the snow and red berries.  Might have to leave it up all winter.

Grand total: $2.67

apple cider
Thursday, November 29, 2012

Make this easy crock pot apple cider for your next party and hear a chorus of "It smells SO GOOD in here!" when your guests arrive!  Tastes great, but I personally think the wonderful scent that fills your house is the best part of this cider.  Smells like the holidays!

Full Disclosure:  I had to text a culinary-wise friend and ask "How do I make a cloved orange?" The answer is basically  "Just poke the cloves in the orange."  Easy as that.  Should have been obvious! 

Sanford Stadium
Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dylan's class at school participates in a community grant program through The University of Georgia. Following home games, participants walk thru the stadium picking up plastic bottles to recycle, and they earn $500 per game to use toward supplies for their class garden. With their earnings, they have grown produce to donate to local food banks, built a chicken coop (big excitement when the hens lay eggs), and are planting a small fruit-tree orchard.

We've participated a couple of times, and this time the kids got to go on the field afterward. Super fun!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lauryn's fashion sensibilities lean toward hot pink and leopard print. She got a pair of bright purple pants for her birthday, and she has decided that they go with...pretty much any shirt in her closet. I love how her style is her own and reflects her personality.

But today when she was getting ready for church, she went a different direction with this ensemble. She paired this sweet white sweater with a dress sewn for her by her Great-Great-Aunt Rita; still an amazing seamstress (perfection in every stitch!) at the age of 87.

I love how classically sweet and little girlish she looked today!

Hope it continues
Saturday, November 10, 2012

All the kids in the neighborhood are favoring our backyard. Could be because we're new and novel. Could be that my prayers of being the house that everyone wants to be at - keeping my kids close - are being answered. Here's hoping my house stays bubbling over with kids well into their teenage years.

tricking and treating with new neighbors
Thursday, November 1, 2012

So it turns out, that October 31st is a great day to close on a house!  Halloween is the perfect time to meet all your new neighbors.  Yesterday evening we took the kids to our still empty new house (we're moving Friday!) to pass out candy, then walked the neighborhood trick-or-treating.  We met so many great families, and the kids were excited to see lots of kids they know from school and church.

I need to get back to packing - the boxes are calling! -  but wanted to share some pics of the kids' costumes.  So proud of my little mummy who made his own costume with very little help from Mom.  Thanks Tina for giving me the hot glue gun costume-assembly tip! 

Have you ever seen a more handsome Clark Kent?

And of course my University of Georgia cheerleader!  (Found the top at Goodwill for $1.25, and her outfit was thusly decided.  She was thrilled.)  

The happy trick-or-treaters, and the mom and dad who will soon be raiding their candy bags.

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