Teacher Gifts
Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The last day of school is TOMORROW!  Woo-hoo!  Here are the gifts we made the boys' teachers:

I did the cutting of the stencils and the boys did the rest. I have photographic proof that they sewed the ribbon around the top of the tote bags, but as soon as they heard the camera shutter I was made to promise I would NEVER reveal the sewing images.  Apparently sewing is not sufficiently manly.  Anyway...we filled the bags with a few goodies, and notes telling Mrs. Swain and Mrs. Hisey thanks for a great year!

So for the bags...freezer paper stenciling again!  So fun and easy.  I downloaded the "badaboom" font from dafont.com for the lettering, and found the skull and crossbones here.

It could appear that we don't like these teachers or that perhaps the contents of these bags are hazardous....but it's just that the school mascot is a pirate.  For clarification.  :)


Friday, May 20, 2011

My new sink, installed beautifully by Mr. Jonathan Cliff:

Right now, I'm motivated to keep my dishes done and my sink empty, so I can fully enjoy it's shiny, white, sparkly glory.  

I would wager that motivation will last about another day or so.


The sink installation was a study in our (mine and Jonathan's) personalities:

The old sink is starting to leak.  We hate the faucet.  We hate the scratched and dull stainless steel.
Me:  Just find a new home for the stuff under the sink so it doesn't get damp, and live with it.  
Him:  Replace the sink and faucet.

We don't know how to replace a sink and faucet.
Me:  We don't know how to replace a sink and faucet.  Hire someone. Or just keep the old one.
Him: I don't know how to replace a sink and faucet, but I'm quite sure I can learn.

This new cast iron sink is really, really freaking heavy.
Me: I can't help you lift it.  Wait 'til tomorrow when it's not so late and call the neighbor to help you.
Him:  I will lift this sink and install it tonight. Even without your help. Even if it kills me.

So yes, Jonathan is slightly more driven and motivated than I am. And he did get that sink installed without anyone's help. But I would also like to point out that I did not pull any muscles in my back or shoulder, and could get out of bed the next day pain-free.  Someone else I know can't say that.  Ahem. 

Put 'em to work
Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We needed to add a little "oomph" to our after school chore routine around here.  

Thus, a quick Google search, a trip to Dollar Tree, and our new system was born. Wire pencil holders, foam stickers, jumbo craft sticks:

I wrote all the chores that came to mind on craft sticks, stuck them in the "chore cup", and I pull one or two sticks for each kid every afternoon.  I just added the buttons for cuteness sake, but then the kids decided when they flipped the sticks around in their cups to "button side up", it was my cue they were ready for inspection.  Works for me!

The kids have to complete the sticks I choose for them, then they have the option to complete additional chores for $$$.  Working good so far!  I plan to hang a small shelf in the laundry room so these don't have to live on my kitchen counter.  Or, maybe make a chore stick for Jonathan that says "hang shelf"....

Horns and a Tail
Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So.... this lovely photo was in our scanner this week, so I could include it in a Perspectives post on Prize31.com asking "What would you tell your 16 year old self?"

I know.  You don't have to say it.  My up-do with ringlets is awesome.

My middle child hit "print" on the copier/scanner and made himself a black and white copy that he then proceeded to...uh...embellish.

Really Dylan?  Horns?  And Jonathan gets a cape...while I get a massive tail.

Cracked. Us. Up.

 So Lauryn, not wanting to be outdone, did a little work on the original:

Glad I found her just as she finished coloring the gate, before she added the tail and horns.  This is my only known copy of this prom photo, but I kinda love it that she decorated it a bit.  My teenage self would have never guessed what would eventually happen to this photo at the hands of our offspring.  So goes parenthood.

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