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Friday, April 29, 2011

Our backyard is a bit shielded from the wind and dust, so I thought playing in the sprinkler would be fun.  Turns out we weren't as shielded as I thought!  Kids were a dirty, dusty, happy mess.

While they were digging around in their dressers, trying to find swimsuits buried from last summer, Lauryn says,

"I seriously need a new swimsuit.  This one is, like, ten years old."

Um.  You're only five.

Is plotting revenge a developmental milestone?
Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A story about job hazards:

I work part-time as a Speech-Language Pathologist.  I work in early intervention with babies age birth to three, travelling to their homes to provide speech and/or feeding therapy.

Every Wednesday, I see a precious little 21-month-old girl.

The child can't stand the sight of me.  It's because she disdains the work I make her do, and I'm sure she'll come around to me eventually, but right now our relationship is characterized by her backing slowly across the room away from me, giving me the evil eye.

But today! Today was different!  Today she was standing at her front door, and waved as I approached. When I went in the house, she brought me a Mr. Potato Head and we started playing together.  She even sat down in my lap!

That's when I realized that she had a poopy diaper. A bad one. An explosive blow out.  It leaked all over my jeans.

I momentarily wondered if she did it on purpose.....

The end.


More tempting than candy.
Tuesday, April 26, 2011

There is a ton of Easter Candy around here right now.  I've had my share, no doubt.

But there is something I find even more tempting than Skittles and Fun Size Snickers.

image source

Mmm, mmm Mama loves these!!!!  What else to do with all those dyed Easter Eggs but make deviled eggs?

I must ask....What is an acceptable number of deviled eggs to eat at one time?  I could put away a tray of these things.  And it takes serious will power to actually put the filling back into the eggs.  I'd really rather just eat it with a spoon.

How do you make your eggs?  I'm a classic kinda girl.  Mayo.  Mustard. Salt. Pepper.  Paprika.

But.  Last night I was craving these suckers and we were out of Mayo! I use ranch dressing, spicy mustard, and just for kicks some cayenne pepper on top.  Good stuff!

Gonna go pop my head in the fridge and sneak another one.  Or two.


Careful answers.
Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Lauryn, is your room clean?"


"Are you sure?  How will I feel about it when I go check?"


"That depends.  Are you going to look in the closet?"

One Thousand Gifts
Sunday, April 17, 2011

Have you read it?  Are you reading it now?  I'm reading it with a group of girlfriends.  We met last Thursday to discuss the first two chapters.  We all agree it's changing our perspective....

Finding myself more grateful for this life, and I'm only in Chapter Three.  

On Being a Foster Mom part 2
Friday, April 8, 2011

Love is not self-seeking. 
                            1 Corinthians 13:5

That's what Father God whispers to me when it seems too hard.  When it seems like my heart won't possibly be able to take it.  When I think that I will never, ever be able to cope when it comes time for this foster child to be taken out of my home and given back to his parents, or to whomever he'll go to next.

When I start to feel that heaviness in my chest, and worry that the heartache of that experience -  of "giving him back" - that it will be too great a burden to put on my family, then Father God drops this verse in my heart again.  Love is not self-seeking.  And I know that this journey that He's called us to won't be free of pain....but simultaneously feel such conviction that living to ensure the absence of pain in my life is not the life I want to live.  And so we choose love and the likelihood of pain over self-protection.

I know this isn't the answer He would give everyone with that fear; that question that I'm asked nearly daily, "How will you ever give them back?"  But for me, this is the answer that He brings loud and clear: Love is not self-seeking.

There are foster children in this city that need love.  No one questions that fact.  To be able to provide that love, but then refuse it because "it will hurt me when I have to give him back", would be choosing to protect my own heart at the expense of withholding love from a child.  Choosing "me" over "them."  For me, to continue to say "I can't foster because I wouldn't be able to handle giving them back", meant I was knowingly and willingly seeking my own self-protection over offering love and hope to a child.   God changed my paradigm, and every time I tried to utter the words, "it would just be too hard to give them back", my heart translated those words to "making sure I don't feel hurt or pain is so very important to me, that I will not love these children."  And that refrain of "it would just hurt me too much" when uttered from my mouth, started to sicken me.  

I choose to love without regard for self.  I do it badly sometimes, with moments of self-pity and fear and worry.  But I forge ahead in my imperfection, and ask God to show me how to love like He does.  I ask Him to help me trust that He will be my comforter and friend in those times of pain.  I worry, "Is this too much of a burden for my children?  Is this unfair?  To let them love and care deeply for a foster child, then experience the pain of no longer having them?"  But I give those worries to Him and trust that He will use this time to teach my children from a very young age that He is a God of comfort and peace that passes understanding.  I pray my children will know that love is always the best choice, even if it hurts.  



Fav After School Snack
Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The kids like to come home and make smoothies after school.  Here's our current fav:

1 can Hawaii's Own Pineapple Starfruit Frozen Concentrate
1 cup water
1 cup milk
2 bananas
1 or 2 cups of crushed ice (I fill up the empty juice can twice.)

Blend and enjoy while watching your favorite after school shows! (It's enjoyed while viewing "Fetch!" at our house!)

If you have family members that hate bananas (Ryan and Jonathan), serve their portion before you add the bananas.  More banana-y goodness for the rest of you!


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