that nasty green-eyed monster
Saturday, October 22, 2011

Comparison is an ugly game.  It steals confidence and creates instability.  
Judging my life based on the lives of others makes me feel a bit schizophrenic:  I can't even decide from one week to the next whose life I should be jealous of....

Sometimes I look with jealousy upon the full-time stay at home mom, who can devote all her energy to the home and family.
Sometimes I look with jealousy on the full-time working mom, who makes a nice paycheck and puts her college degree to it's best use.
Then I remember that my part-time mom/part-time professional life is an incredible gift, and to live it with excellence I have to do so without comparing myself to anyone.

Sometimes I look with jealousy on my tall, thin friends, who can wear the lasest styles and look amazing while doing so.
Sometimes I look with jealousy on my friends who do not meet the standards of "beauty" that the fashion magazines foist upon us, but they nevertheless exude a confidence that makes them truly, truly beautiful.
Then I remember that it's me -- my 5 foot 4 inch self -- that my husband loves and finds beautiful, and to speak or think ill of myself is an insult to him and to my Maker.

There are days that I wish for an exciting, bigger-than-life personality that exudes passion and joy and is always the life of the party.
There are other days that I so long for a calm, humble and quiet spirit that exudes peace and wisdom.
Then I finally remember to be grateful that God has made my personality somewhere in the middle, and allowed me to be a good friend to many who operate in either extreme.

Envy is nasty.  It destroys gratitude, and creates a hardened and unthankful heart toward the plan God has for my life.  That green-eyed monster of jealousy has no place in the life of this woman loved by God!

How about you?  Jealousy ever rear it's ugly head in your life? 


Blogger Gombojav Tribe had this to say:

Oh sure! Especially in blogland where everyone puts their best foot forward. It's easy to deceive oneself into thinking that certain ones never have a day where they act like a crazy woman or feed their kids junk or have a nasty pile of paper clutter that is threatening to take over the office.

Gotta always keep envy in check. I think the key is to cultivate that grateful heart. When I really take time to thank the Lord for the thousands of little things it's difficult to feel cheated or less-than.

October 23, 2011 at 1:45 PM 

Blogger Greg or Cheri had this to say:

Pretty much every time I read your blog dear friend! Thinking about how your writing gets more amazing all the time. And how your children's childhoods are being captured in such a fun, accessible way. And all the lives your blog is influencing ingot the good.
And then, I remember how much I hate piles of laundry in my home, and I'm all better. Ha!! Great post.

October 25, 2011 at 1:43 PM 

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