My couch is trying to make me miserable.
Thursday, October 21, 2010

I have an ongoing battle with my sofa.

This couch. It tries to steal my contentment.  It actually does steal my contentment for brief periods.

In this battle, the couch is well-armed against me.  It's weapons are many: It's ugly.  Stained.  Lumpy/Deflated.  (But only on the sides, where we sit.  The middle cushion still retains it's plumpness, which only makes it look worse overall.)

I'm not gonna lie.  Sometimes I almost let the couch win the battle. I come close to turning on my charm and convincing my husband we NEED new living room furniture.  (He wouldn't be hard to convince.  He hates the couch more than I do.)  We NEED to use our emergency savings fund to buy a new, sleek, svelte leather sofa and a couple of matching chairs.  It's practically an emergency. I can't be expected to do battle with a sofa everyday. The thing is taunting me for pete's sake!  We gotta get that stinkin' trouble maker out of our house!

But alas.  We have saving goals and get-outta-debt goals that make it necessary to keep the monstrosity a part of our lives a bit longer. You may win an occasional battle you ugly beast, but I will win the war! 

If you see me pouting, there's a good chance the sofa was waging a particularly fierce battle that day.  Sometimes - it spits random screws out at me. Just drops a screw right out, and I'm never able to quite locate where it came from. The nerve.

And don't even get me started on the recliner.  It's raging against me too.

Not my actual couch.
But in my mind, mine is nearly this hideous.

Anonymous Vanessa had this to say:

I'm right there with ya! I've decided though that until the kiddos are a bit older it would be a waste anyways 'cause they mess everything up! :)

October 26, 2010 at 2:23 PM 

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