Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My kids are taking some classes at the Hodges Community Center here in Lubbock, and while they're in class I've had the chance to enjoy the rose garden that sits in the back of the property.

This Monday, the fragrance from the roses was so powerful that I could smell them well before I approached the garden.  If I hadn't already planned on walking among the roses, the aroma would have lured me in that direction.

I walked through the roses, snapped a few pictures with my phone, and as I kept deliberately and deeply inhaling the fragrance in the air, the Lord reminded me that Christ was a "fragrant offering."  

"Live a life of love."  How simply and elegantly stated.  Love.  Love is the fragrance that draws people.  As I get caught up in "ministry" and friendships and mentorships and relationships of all kinds...I needed this reminder that we all carry an aroma.  A life of love makes us fragrant, and draws people to us, because our love is a reflection of Him.  A life filled up with judgment, disdain, pride and impatience....that kind of life has an odor too.  A repelling odor, that pushes people away, makes their eyes water, and impairs their ability to see Him.

I'm praying His church and His people would be a fragrant aroma; pleasing to the Lord, and inviting to those in need of love.  Which includes every last one of us.  



Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Thanks for the beautiful reminder!


October 19, 2010 at 7:36 PM 

Blogger The Bossios had this to say:

What a great picture! There is a large rose garden in Portland and I remember the awe I felt during my first visit. I am amazed at how there are so many intricate details in just one of the many things God created.

October 19, 2010 at 11:37 PM 

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