Ryan takes on "The Blob"
Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We head home from camp tomorrow! We've all had a great time. It's been a lot of fun having Ryan at camp with us this year. He's tried out all the activities and had a blast. I think all his favorite activities were at the lake (takes after his mom)!

For more pics and video check out camp.trinitykidsplace.com!

Anonymous Kenny had this to say:

I love the blob. In recent years the blob has gotten a lot less fun though. For the 4 years I was in IN, I blobbed many kids. Hundreds of kids. Since moving to Texas I've been to two different camps where they have this silly rule. Only 50 pound difference between the blobber and blobee. That's no fun at all. One camp I went to even had a scale. Seriously.

I used to blob kids and they would literally fly up as high as the platform I was jumping from. You do the math.
Kid: 68 pounds + Mr. Kenny: 250 pounds = Major air and a little peeing in the swim trunks.

Did any kids ever get hurt? no.
Did any kids cry? Yes, about one in 6. But they kept coming back. I actually had a 18 year old girl come up to me the other day when I was back in IN remind me of how I made her cry... by blobbing her.

I won't even tell you about the 110 pound girl counselor we tripple blobbed. All I'll say is that we easily had 600 pounds of blobbing force. She didn't cry... but she did get a nose bleed.

Ahhhh, I love the blob. Good memories.

July 8, 2009 at 11:00 PM 

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