Giving Grandma Equal Time
Friday, March 13, 2009

I had a post yesterday about my Grandpa, so today I thought I would give some equal play to Grandma. Because truthfully, they're pretty much a package deal.

My grandma makes beautiful hand-sewn quilts, and is very generous in giving them to my family. My quilts really deserve a separate blog post at some point.

I've tried to photograph them before, and I just never feel like the pictures do them justice. I have visions of a beautiful portrait of all my quilts hanging on clotheslines above lush green grass, with huge beautiful trees in the background. I have no green trees...and no camera to capture such a portrait. So that image will just have to live in our imaginations for now.

My limited efforts at picking up her skills at hand-quilting have been in vain. I tense up so much I break needles, and I have a terrible neck-ache when I finish. Then I compare my stitches to my grandmother's teeny-tiny machine-like stitches, and mine suddenly look like they were done by a 2nd grader.

However...I have managed to sorta-kinda pick up one of her other talents - embroidery. My stitches still look pitiful in comparison to hers, but I enjoy it and can complete a project without giving myself a tension headache.

I recently mentioned to Grandma "I was kind of thinking of trying to embroider some burp cloths for a friend..." and in about three days a package of soft white fabric and an embroidery iron-on transfer pencil arrived at my doorstep. Thanks grandma! Love ya!

Here are the burp cloths I sent to my friend Lisa for Baby Number Four, Samuel Hudson Cash, due to make his arrival March 16th. (I'M SO EXCITED TO SEE HIM!!!)

And now we have learned that I can't photograph quilts or burp cloths very well. Just imagine them a bit more colorful and altogether cuter in real life.

Blogger SkiTwo had this to say:

I like your blog and I love the embroidery. Probably in a few decades yours will be just as beaufiful as your Grandmother's.

March 29, 2009 at 1:00 AM 

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