Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Some of you have an idolatrous relationship with your own opinion."
-Tim Redmond

That's something I heard at the conference Jonathan and I attended last week.

I've been pondering that statement ever since.

My pondering has brought me to this conclusion: OUCH.

I'd like to have confidence to know that it's okay if some of my opinions are challenged or maybe even (gasp!) changed.

But I really, really like my opinions. And sometimes I think I fear honest discourse with people who disagree with me. What's the fear? That I might have to change my mind? Let go of some of those opinions I've had such a warm cozy relationship with?

I'm talking here strictly about things that the Bible doesn't directly address. The fact that my hope is in Jesus and salvation comes through Him alone is established firmly in my mind and heart as truth; as more than mere opinion.

But what about things the Bible doesn't directly speak to? There is a looooong list of things that mom's can get pretty riled up and opinionated about.

Natural birth or epidural?
Breastfeed or use formula?
To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?
Schedule feed or demand feed?
Co-sleep or put the baby in the crib?
Organic foods only, or is processed okay?
To spank or use timeout?
Homeschool or public school?
Moderate TV or no TV?
Put your toddler in the nursery or take him with you to church?

That is a mere sampling of the things that most moms I know have very strong opinions about. Passionate, get on their soap-box type of opinions. Me included at times.

And honestly I'm tired of just immediately discounting people who think and feel differently than I do. I think it's human nature, but I don't want to be that way. I don't want to be the kind of person who automatically thinks less of someone, or questions their intelligence (harsh words - just keepin' it real here folks!) if they have an opinion that is highly divergent from mine.

Not sure what this desire to stop worshipping my own opinion will look like in real life.

Maybe I need to swing by the alternative medicine and herb store (I'd have to learn where it is first), and try and make some new friends. Sort of kidding...but you get my point. ;-)

Blogger Margo had this to say:

you're right...ouch. Your list is very good...ouch again. And, if you would have happened to stop by "The Herbal Lady" store today in my town, you may have ran into me :)

October 24, 2008 at 1:05 AM 

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