She's tired of the relentless paparazzi.
Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lauryn hasn't willingly had her picture taken for over a month. Once the "Look at me!" photo hog, she has suddenly become camera shy. I do have an endless supply of shots of the back of her head.

At least the boys are still willing subjects. Dylan is quickly catching up to big brother. He insists that they stand 'back-to-back' at least once a week to see if he's suddenly as tall as Ryan. I predict it will happen someday. And Ryan will not be pleased.

In other Dylan and Ryan news, Ryan gave Dylan a short theological lesson a couple nights ago, when he heard Dylan asking me to please read him the Bible story about "Magnet Man." I was pretty confused.

Then Ryan explained to Dylan that "Magnet Man" was just a superhero they had made up (first I'd heard of it - I've yet to ask for a rundown of his superpowers), and not a Bible story.

I was glad for the clarification, since I was having some trouble figuring out what Bible story he could possibly be talking about.

I've since thought about the fact that the Bible says that Jesus will draw all men to Himself....I guess I missed a teachable "Magnet Man" moment...I'll look for a chance for a re-do. :-)

Blogger Shelly Collins had this to say:

Cute. Did you or Jonathan have blond hair when you were little? Her hair is so pretty!

August 7, 2008 at 9:34 PM 

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