A Few Good Men
Sunday, June 17, 2007

Every modern sitcom on television seems to portray Dad's as bumbling idiots. They are typically overweight slobs who get themselves into messes that their beautiful, perfect wives must get them out of. They can't manage their money, they don't know how to cook a meal to save their lives, they don't even know where to find the washing machine, and they don't appreciate the good women in their life.

I am so thankful that this is in no way a reflection of my husband!

Jonathan is a capable, fun, caring, and intelligent father. He is in full time ministry and many demands are made of his time, but I have never once felt he has valued his work above our family. He values the time he spends with his children. The kids take it for granted that when Daddy gets home, they will have his full attention. Nightly "wrestling" is an expectation around here! And as Lauryn gets older, playing with dolls is taking up more and more of his evenings.

Happy Father's Day Jonathan! And Happy Father's Day to "Papaw", who continues to be an example of what makes a great Dad.

Anonymous lorih had this to say:

In college, I once did a report on how the media portrays men. It's awful when you really look at how much the media does downgrade men.

July 4, 2007 at 3:12 AM 

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