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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Me and the kids spent the morning out running around. I think we are really going to like our neighborhood.

Are you seeing the theme? Do I seem a little exuberant about the whole drive-thru thing? For anyone with three kids (or more, Margo!) still in car seats, you understand my excitement.

Blogger Margo had this to say:

Yippee for drive thrus...although today I backed into someone in the Taco Bueno drive thru :( We decided just to go inside because it was taking so long and I didn't realize that someone had pulled up behind me. Oops...Praise God there was no damage! So, Yippee for a FAST drive thru! Slow ones lead to least in the Lowry minivan.

April 29, 2007 at 1:56 PM 

Blogger Gombojav Tribe had this to say:

Big fan of drive-thrus, here! With five kids to drag around on errand day I start wishing everything had a drive-thru. Why isn't there a drive-thru grocery store, post office, office supply store, and shoe store? There really should be! :-)

April 29, 2007 at 7:48 PM 

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