"Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness..." -Richard Bach
Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I received a truly wonderful birthday present today from my best girlfriend: a well-loved copy of Gone With The Wind printed in 1938. It came in the mail today, along with a devotional book with the writings of Amy Carmichael.

Not only is this a wonderfully thoughtful gift, (
verifying that she faithfully reads my blog), it's also packed with sentiment because of the way the book was acquired. Those of you who know Lisa are right now sarcastically thinking, "Really? A sentimental gift? From Lisa? NO WAY!" She is one of those lovely souls who knows no other way to be but sentimental.

In early summer 1998, six of us girls who grew up together in Sand Springs, OK, plus my college roommate that fit right into our tribe, took a trip together to Eureka Springs, AR. We had just finished our sophomore year of college, most of us attending different universities around Oklahoma or surrounding states. You might be thinking, "Eureka Springs, AR? Don't most college girls take trips to Vegas or Ft. Lauderdale?" Yeah, well....we really weren't the type, okay? And one of the group got a tongue piercing on the way home, and another a tattoo, so we weren't all totally bookish. But I digress...

We had a great time, and looking back I'm so glad we carved out time in our crazy lives to reconnect and take this trip. About one month later, I was married, and within a year after that I had moved far from my hometown to Dallas. And now we are spread literally all over the globe...
Virgina Beach...Dallas...Nashville....Tokyo....Seattle....and Tulsa. Thankfully the internet allows me to keep up with most of these girls, and I see a few of them every summer or at Christmas time. But now our families, husbands, and jobs would certainly not allow us take a week long trip together very easily.

It was during this trip to Eureka Springs in a "quaint little shop" that Lisa excitedly discovered and bought the copy of Gone With The Wind that I received today in the mail. I can't believe it was almost 10 years ago. She said that she had read it several times and wanted me to have it. In keeping with her sentimentality, I promise to keep it until Lauryn is old enough to read it, then send it back to her for her daughter Claire to read.

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